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 Social media is a lucrative channel for brands. It gives them unprecedented access to the world's most powerful influencers, allowing them to shape the conversation, and the economics of social media make it worth their while. A large number of people are keen to learn about products and celebrities' lifestyles. Therefore, articles who allude to money and fame as measurements of success are more common than ever before.

It's Complicated, we're looking at the ethics of wealth and inequality. Featuring new episodes every Wednesday, StarStat series examines a variety of economic issues and human behavior. And it's going to make you think.

We've scoured the marketplace for a long time to answer:

  • Why is there a pay gap between men and women?
  • How does gender affect salary? 
  • Do women contribute to pay disparities? 

We've learned that a lot of people don't know how much they're really worth to their employer, but just because someone is making less doesn't mean that you can't be happy about your salary.

The rewards and responsibilities of each job are unique, but we all have a role to play in the economy. Looking at millennials to gain a broader perspective, it's somewhat alarming that young adults are dropping out of the workforce or struggling to find a job. This is going to affect all of us—and one of the most important issues this group has in common is a lack of financial stability and flexibility.

Often, income is incorrectly used as a proxy for self-worth. In particular, the potential monetary value of fame is often linked to successful people, making them think their worth is derived from their wealth rather than their character and achievements (which may be more important). This can leave them confused about their own happiness and purpose in life.

Society suffers, and children suffer, when people are poorly paid. If people are underpaid, they are less likely to work hard and will eventually become criminals. Low wages result in individuals feeling they don't have the power to affect change in their lives and blame themselves for their troubles. Real-world consequences from this kind of thinking include early childhood deaths from starvation; substandard education; and wage theft — in which companies are accused of inappropriately withholding wages without working out a contract.

A surgeon who does not have qualified nurses to help perform surgeries isn't as good at his job. We need the same attitude of humility in businesses, and CEOs who serve as ambassadors for their companies must learn to develop relationships and give customers good service. Taking care of faces at a call centre may be "less valued," but it's just as important — and the best employees are the ones who can do the most jobs for their company.

"It's only if we all come together and do our bit that we as a society can provide essential services and create the conditions for us to do the things we love. If we don't work hard to keep our leaders honest and stop them benefiting at the cost of the many, then we will go on like this." This is an interesting reading of world events.

"It's very important that we consider consumption as a kind of an ethical enterprise; we're always going to affect people when we consume, and we can both benefit and harm people with the choices we make." — Susan Fowler

"I think sometimes our solutions can make even more sense than the status quo," she says. "These solutions are really at the intersection of this cultural shift and new technology and calls for better work practices that are happening not just in health care but in other industries too. We can advocate for things like full-time paid sick leave, $15 an hour minimum wage, that are progressive and smart, models that we're seeing take root in cities across the country.

The reality is that the free market doesn't always work for all. Money in our society means something because we have it. The closer you get to reality, the better your essays will do. In some instances the free market isn't fair and in those instances, we need people in positions of power to take action to make the market better.


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